fools hall of fame
Clowning: Ringling Bros. Clown College, instructors Lou Jacobs, Frosty Little, Steve Smith, Bill Irwin, Dick Monday, Bolek Polivka, Barry Lubin, Jackie LeClaire, Pierre Byland, Paul Zaloom, Dario Fo, Jeff Raz, Jim Jackson.

Juggling & Circus Skills: Hovey Burgess, Larry Pizoni, Judy Finelli, Wendy Parkman, Peggy Snider (Pickle Family Circus)

Mime: James Donlon, Gordon Keller, Toni Attell, Karen Hoyer, Karen Sheridan

Comedia Del' Arte: Sandy Archer, Ugo Baltasari (SF Mime Troupe)

Improv: Terry Day, Dale Eunson, Lew Levinson, Cindy Kammler (Committee Workshop), Robin Eurich

Acting: William Chow (Peking Opera, Loa Moan Spectacular (Panto), Ami Dayan

Gung Fu: John Lem (Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut)

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Karen Bell & Robin Eurich
Comedy with Style
Robin Eurich performed as 'Rusty the Handyman' on the Bozo Super Sunday Show on WGN TV 1994-2001 earning him two Emmy Nominations for Best Actor. Besides being Bozo's Co-Star, Robin wrote gags for the show and was Pie Master.

His credits also include Variety, Radio, Network TV and several feature films.

Before this time Robin shared his incredible talent with students at Ringling Brothers' Clown College for 5 years, performed in improv venues in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.
Karen performed for eight years clowning around the globe with Ringling Brothers' Barnum & Bailey Circus and toured Europe twice with the Department of Defense's 'Festival Follies'. She has appeared on Network TV, Disney's 'Let's Go to the Circus' Sing-a-Long Video and is featured in the Indie Film "Children of All Ages" and PBS's "Jack Perkin's Gulf Coast Journal".

More recently, Karen headlined the World Clown Association's International Conference in 2009. Performs with Robin and a host of increadilble circus talent annually with Cirque Des Voix

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Together Karen and Robin have trained with the following amazing teachers:
Follow the Fools!
Robin and Karen are both proudly employed by The Circus Arts Conservatory. We are responsible for the creation of the Education Program, teaching of Science (yes, science!), Language Arts and theater in local schools. We are also Coaches for students in the Sailor Circus Acacemy, a 65 year old Circus After School program.